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DP World Australia Pty Ltd

Country: Australia

Sector: Ports

Website: www.dpworldaustralia.com.au

Overview: DP World Australia (“DPWA”) is the leading container terminal stevedore in Australia, operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle. The company provides a critical link in the supply chain and focuses on providing excellent service to shipping lines, importers, exporters and the broader community, while continuing to strengthen relationships with governments, port landlords and other important stakeholders.

In 2011, Gateway Infrastructure Investments acquired a majority stake in DPWA.

Itínere Infraestructuras S.A.

Country: Spain

Sector: Toll Roads

Website: www.grupoitinere.com

Overview: Itínere Infraestructuras S.A. (“Itínere”) is a leading Spanish toll road manager and operator and is headquartered in Madrid. Itínere manages 15.6% of the total toll road network in Spain under five concession agreements, which is equivalent to 552.4km of toll road motorways. Itínere’s assets are located in northern Spain.

In 2009, Gateway Infrastructure Investments completed the acquisition of a controlling stake in Itínere.

Kelda Holdings Limited

Country: U.K.

Sector: Water

Website: www.keldagroup.com

Overview: Kelda Holdings Limited (“Kelda”) is a leading water and sewerage services provider for domestic and business customers in the U.K. Kelda’s primary business is Yorkshire Water, which provides water and waste water services to 5 million people and 130,000 businesses in the Yorkshire region.

In 2007 and 2008, Gateway Infrastructure Investments led a consortium to take Kelda private and became the largest shareholder.

Vantage Airport Group Ltd.

Country: Canada

Sector: Airports

Website: www.vantageairportgroup.com

Overview: Vantage Airport Group is a privately held airport developer, manager, and investor with a history at more than 30 airports around the world. The company’s current network comprises 10 airports, ranging from small destinations to large capital cities in Canada, the U.S., Jamaica, The Bahamas and Cyprus. Vantage’s portfolio includes two major projects in New York: the redevelopment and management of Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport, and the company’s partnership with Jet Blue Airways in the planned redevelopment and management of Terminals 6 and 7 at JFK International Airport. Vantage was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of Vancouver Airport Authority and is today wholly-owned by funds managed by Corsair Infrastructure Partners. The company has offices in Vancouver, New York, Chicago, and Denver.